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Written by Sammi Mills (on her phone, so please forgive any typos this time!). Photos kindly provided by Eileen Furr.

Philippines 2019 – Dive day 2

Once again the New Horizons Dive Society headed out on the boat in the Philippines. The boat headed across the water to Santa Pas. Santa Pas is a dive site where a reef slopes down to a sandy bottom and a short swim away is a pinnacle. The pinnacle is covered in huge corals which makes it very picturesque. This site boasts magnificent nudibranchs, spiny devilish, tassled scorpion fish and coral grouper.

After a short surface interval and a cup of tea or coffee dive two was briefed. The briefing rated this next dive, Napantao as the best dive site in the region. We weren’t disappointed and were blessed with a warty frogfish, orangutan crab, juvenile spadefish and three turtles; two large green turtles and one hawksbill.

The coral garden went on for as far as the eyes could see, at 15m visibility minimum.  The group completed over an hour long dive here and a lot of us struggled to exit the water, it was just too beautiful.

After lunch, we dived in for our first muck dive, Marayang. We searched the sandy bottom for any small critters. An ornate ghost pipefish was found hiding in a featherstar. A sand eel popped his head out of the sand. Large hermit crabs roamed the sand whilst a mimic octopus and wunderpus were spotted.


On the boat ride back we were all offered a night dive on the house reef but as we moored up we could see the current swirling past the mooring lines. No night dive tonight, instead a beer or gin to celebrate another day in paradise.

Already looking forward to the next adventure.

Where next?

Croatia, 2019