Cylinder Testing

Our cylinder testing is carried out by independently trained IDEST technicians to standards defined by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

Having your cylinders regularly inspected and tested is a legal requirement and no reputable filling station will fill a cylinder that is outside its test dates.

When does your Cylinder need testing?

A cylinder used for diving must be visually inspected every 2.5 years and hydro-statically tested every 5 years. The cylinder should be additionally tested if it is dropped or damaged in any way.

A cylinder for surface use only (e.g. air rifle filling) only requires hydrostatic testing every 5 years.

Cylinders used for Enriched Air needs O2 cleaning every 15 months.

It is also a legal requirement that cylinder valves be serviced at every inspection or test.

PLEASE NOTE: to comply with HSE legislation, cylinders that fail inspections or tests will not be returned to the owner and will be destroyed.


Our prices are competitive and cheaper than many other service centres plus our price includes an air fill.

  • Hydrostatic Test including Valve Service and Air Fill: £32.00, plus parts if needed
  • Visual Inspection including Valve Service and Air Fill: £21.00, plus parts if needed
  • Hydrostatic test, shotblast & paint: £50.00, plus parts if needed
  • O2 Cleaning: £22.00, plus parts if needed
  • O2 Cleaning with Hydrostatic test: £43.00, plus parts if needed
  • O2 Cleaning with Visual test: £33.00, plus parts if needed
  • Valve service (without cylinder test): £10,00, plus parts if needed
  • Twin Set with Manifold: extra charge £10.00, plus parts if needed
  • Shot cleaning: £20.00
  • Failed Cylinders: £20.00

Call into the shop bringing your cylinder NOW. We will require a payment of £20 upfront against the unlikely event of your cylinder failing. This will be used to offset your final charge when the cylinder passes its tests. We normally require two weeks to service cylinders.

If you have an urgent need then please ask, if we can’t meet your requested time-scales then we will tell you.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or require further information, please telephone on 0161 223 5102 or call in to the dive centre.