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Summer Splash

While contemplating World Oceans Day (today, 8th June, enjoy everyone!) over a soft drink at a local pub, The Park Tavern, Macclesfield (through a paper straw I should add, glad we could help you go plastic free all!) it occurred to me that those of us already fortunate enough to enjoy scuba diving get to explore something amazing. So we at New Horizons Dive Centre thought it only right that we mark this special day as our unofficial start to the summer. What better way than to help people embark on the adventure with some stunning deals as they too begin to discover the magical world beneath the waves? Fear not those of you already qualified. We don’t plan on leaving you out! W...

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Why we teach how we teach.

It’s been a year since we started working with Steve Prior. Steve Prior is our PADI Course Director (Instructor of Instructors). Steve is one of the contributors to what goes into the Instructor Development course and therefore what an Instructor teaches and how they teach it, is down to his input. And what a difference it’s made! During my Instructor Development Course (that's me on the left with the yellow mask and snorkel below), I got to experience what positive coaching and natural buoyancy is really like. I couldn’t wait to let everyone else at NHDC in on it, so as soon as we could, Steve (orange arms - you'll find him) came in to help us all coach our students this way. This ...

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2018 Courses!

Exciting Times Ahead! As we rapidly approach the end of one year, the team at New Horizons Dive Centre works away towards what promises to be an exciting new year! The team will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of New Horizons Dive Centre with a series of events, offers and socials to mark the milestone. While we finalise the 2018 course and trip schedule, we are excited to be marking the occasion with the re-introduction of a massive number of PADI specialties on offer. Many of our professional team have gone on to become instructors during 2017. We look forward to helping them develop and add to the repertoire of courses you can enjoy through helping you share in their lo...

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Course Pages & Site Update

After a while of working behind the scenes, the pages for courses NHDC provides have been fully updated. They now have a new structure that makes sharing much nicer and predictable (meaning that you know exactly what course, or group of courses, a link will go to), and every page is standardised to the same format, apart from a few special pages. This means that if you go to a course page, you will instantly be able to scan through and get the information you need quickly. Another large change is that a lot of the schedules have disappeared from many of the pages. The reason for this is that we are planning to build a more interactive and updated calendar system that will display everyth...

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If you have any questions or require further information, please telephone on 0161 223 5102 or call in to the dive centre.