Regulator Servicing

A properly working regulator is obviously essential not just for your diving enjoyment but for breathing and surviving in the underwater world.

When does your Regulator need servicing?

Most manufacturers specify that regulators should be professionally serviced at least once a year, or after 100 dives given normal usage.

We would recommend that you should have your regulator serviced:

  • At the start of each diving season
  • Before extended dive trips or holidays
  • Any time it is not working perfectly


Regulator (1st & 2nd Stage) Service: £30.00 + parts

Octopus Service (when serviced with Regulator): £7.00 + parts

A-Clamp to DIN Conversion: Please phone for a price

All Regulators are serviced using approved parts and service kits direct from the manufacturer. The cost of parts varies between manufacturers and the amount of parts required will vary widely depending on the condition of the regulator.

A typical regulator service cost would be about £75-£85 but less common makes or older regulator sets may be more expensive and be dependent on parts availability.

We normally require two weeks to service regulators.

If you have an urgent need then please ask, if we can’t meet your requested time-scales then we will tell you.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or require further information, please telephone on 0161 223 5102 or call in to the dive centre.