Anglesey Trip Review – RNLItastic – 5th May 2019


Images courtesy of Mr Tony Gilbert and Mr Allan Davies; reproduced with kind permission.

First bit of advice. If you’re ever going to shore dive always try to arrange it so you’re diving on the same day as the RNLI are training.

“Digsy”, our chauffeur for the day was brilliant.

Firstly he left the RIB on the trailer and parked directly next to most peoples’ cars on the road. No hauling gear down to the jetty.

Secondly, laid back, so no stressing.

Thirdly, he’d arranged for it to be sunny, no wind and calm. Clever lad methinks.

But best of all, so he could take it easy, he threw us overboard while the RNLI were out. One RIB took us out, and three brought us back. Who doesn’t want to be pulled out by men in orange boats with large helmets?

We also nearly had a new wreck dive to explore but the local spoilsports took it away before we could have a proper explore.

RNLItastic - Nudi
RNLItastic - Shark

With plenty of life around, including nudibranchs, dog sharks, crabs, starfish and a variety of wrasse. There was plenty to be found among the soft corals. And with more life coming out to explore now the sun’s coming out. There are plenty of reasons to join NHDC on the next time out to Anglesey (Sunday 26th May), with more day trips to come through the year.

Looking for something a little more unusual as an excuse to go out? The NHDC gang were surprised to find a new attraction on the beach.

RNLItastic - Sunken Car

There are plenty of reasons to go diving next Bank Holiday weekend…


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