Did anybody say “Seals” ? If that’s what you wanted then this weekend in the Farne Islands, delivered in spades. Four fantastic dives with pretty much constant seal action from start to finish. A great chance to meet new people and rekindle old friendships topped off with some great food and a convivial atmosphere in the Craster Arms.. (shame about the rugby result though !). Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a fun weekend!

Scuba Divers on UK trip, Farne Island

Sue and Claire

UK Scuba Divers on Boat, holiday

Colin and Pete

UK Scuba Divers, Fun holiday on boat

Rachel, Kate and David

UK Scuba diving, seals

Karen and Paul

Scuba Diving, Seals, scuba equipment

Friendly Seal

Scuba Diving UK, Farnes Basking shark

Basking shark sighting

Scuba diving UK Farnes Seals

Playful Seal