Diver in Bath


Like a secret handshake, divers have a way of finding each other in a crowd. A mask ring is imprinted on a face while dining al fresco at a Cayman restaurant. A liveaboard T-shirt may be spotted at a backyard cookout. A scuba video is playing on the tablet of the person sitting next to you on an overseas flight.

It’s a special skill you acquire when you’re a dedicated diver. If you didn’t know divers could do this, here’s how.


1. They have dive flags on their shirts, shorts, car, and flip-flops.


2. They can carry on a complete conversation using only hands signals.


3. Their car always has a faint smell like neoprene.


4. They are hard of hearing because they have water in their ears.


5. When meeting a new person, they would rather know about the places you’ve been than where you work.


6. They don’t like unfilled blanks, especially if it’s in a logbook.


7. They have a tank rack in the back of their truck.


8. They have a family pet named Deco, Cayman, or Largo.


9. They take longer than everyone else to examine a seafood menu.


10. They can quote large sections of the movie Finding Nemo.


11. They have several uses for vinegar, besides cooking.


12. They have a Superman-like ability to change clothes quickly in small spaces.


13. They have a wallet dedicated to just certification cards.


14. Their watch is almost larger than their hand.


Does any of this sound familiar? What trait exposes you as a dedicated diver? Next time you pull up to that car with the dive flag bumper sticker, use the hand with the big giant watch and give them a wave.

Not a diver but want to become one? Here’s how.

Fallen off the wagon? It’s easier than ever to refresh your skills.

Original post by Posted by Julie Clarke-Bush