St Abbs & Eyemouth, Scenic Weekend, 2020

24th to 26th July

St Abbs & Eyemouth, Scenic Weekend, 2020

24th to 26th July

St Abbs & Eyemouth, Scenic Weekend, 2020

24th to 26th July

Berwickshire’s coastal waters have long been considered special.  These clear waters and spectacular underwater scenery are a scuba diver’s paradise. Here cooler Arctic currents and warmer currents from the south swirl together and support diverse and abundant marine life.  The diving off St Abbs head is truly excellent and offers some of the very best dive sites in the UK and Europe, making this a must visit dive destination. 

After becoming a Voluntary Marine Reserve in 1984, the range of dive sites of St Abbs Head is impressive. A typical weekend’s diving could include kelp forests, swim throughs’, tunnels and walls. Most sites are teaming with life and colour and have quickly become an underwater photographers’ nirvana.

During the early summer months, the cliffs of the conservation area (St Abbs Head National Nature Reserve) are bustling with life. Home to one of the largest breeding colonies for a diverse range of seabirds including Puffins, Guilliemots, and Kittiewakes.

You’ll be able to watch puffin chicks take the leap of faith off the cliffs and try out their wings during your surface intervals. You may also be joined under water by their parents as they hunt while you explore the exceptional scenery .


Diving & Accommodation: £215

Deposit: £100 per person. Please note, this is required to secure your place on board & accommodation and is non-refundable.

Arrangement Fee: FREE for NHDC Dive Society members, £20 for non-dive society members, £10 for non-divers.

Balance Payment: Balance payments will be required 6 weeks prior to departure. Payment plans can be arranged; please get in touch to discuss options for setting up a payment plan.


Ability: You will need to be a PADI Open Water Diver (or equivalent) with some UK sea diving experience before you travel.

Medically Fit: Complete this UK Trip Medical Questionnaire and have a GP countersign it if required.

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This trip involves travelling to Eyemouth, Berwickshire, on the 24th July before checking in to the comfortable, cosy and ever welcoming accommodation, ‘The Home Arms’. There are plenty of restaurants and bars local to the Guest House, so you’ll be able to eat well before getting a good nights sleep.

Accommodation has been booked for the nights of the 24th and 25th July, so you’ll be able to relax after diving for one more night (evening of the 25th) in twin accommodation on a B&B basis. You’ll get another chance to visit local bars and restaurants for your evening meal.



Diving will take place from Wavedancer, an exceptionally comfortable hard boat, complete with diver lift to help you back on board after diving! You’ll head out each morning for 2 dives per day, returning mid-afternoon, giving you chance to explore the sites on land too.

You’ll be able to enjoy 2 days of diving diving on the 25th and 26th July before you to head home again during the afternoon of the 26th.

Due to the nature of the diving, you will need a Dive computer and delayed SMB with reel, as well as your usual personal dive equipment.

Water temperatures at this time of year average 14oC, therefore Drysuits and undersuits are essential. Hoods and gloves are also highly recommended.

Wrecks, tunnels and various nooks & crannies may be available to explore. To get the most from these dives, you will need a good torch.

You will need to take two cylinders and weights with you; these are not available locally.

All required equipment can be rented from NHDC for the weekend. Some back-up items may be available locally but cannot be guaranteed, therefore it is advisable to take what you’ll need!

The package price for Divers includes:

  • Two days of diving with 2 dives per day, from the hard boat ‘Wave Dancer’
  • Accommodation in twin share, en-suite accommodation on a B&B basis for two nights. Please note, single occupancy is not available on this trip. If you are a solo traveler we will help to find a suitable room share and buddy for the weekend.
  • Provision of a Trip Leader by New Horizons Dive Centre.



Non divers may be able to join us but will not be permitted on board the boat. They can spend their time exploring the beauty of Berwickshire’s coastline, land-based conservation areas and the wonderful sandy beaches located there.

Where to start! Diving off St Abbs head is a jewel in the UK, made that little bit more special by the dive boat and it’s skipper.

The dive boat, Wavedancer, is designed for your safety and comfort. She has a comfortable wheelhouse, allowing you to sit in comfort, as well as an inside electric toilet and bunks (for those that fancy a lay down between dives!). Wavedancer carries the latest electronics and an Olex 3D seabed Mapping System which gives outstanding images of the deeper wrecks, allowing you to get an idea what you’re about to dive. Once you’ve completed your dive, the hydraulic lift helps you back on board before heading to the next site or returning to Eyemouth harbor that afternoon.

Our skipper looks after you well. Not only making recommendations for dive sites based on conditions, interests and experience levels, he even offers hot drinks and light refreshments after diving.


Gulleys, Walls and Channels 

These rock formations are lined with a colourful profusion of life; from dead mans fingers, anemones in a vast array of colours and all sorts of soft corals. Nooks and crannies are usually inhabited by crabs or lobsters, though look out for the wolf fish that calls them home too! Smaller creatures like nudibranchs are abundant too, making these sites spectacular in their beauty and diversity. Oh, and don’t forget the fish, urchins, starfish, ….!


Wrecks & Wreckage

There are various wrecks, it being the UK. Of the most famous and frequently visited are the ‘Glanmire’ and the ‘Alfred Earlsden’ wrecks, the latter being well within PADI Open Water Diver depth limits.

After floundering against the rocks on Ebb Carrs in thick fog, the Alfred Earlsden sank, releasing its cargo of pit props and timber as she went down. Now lying between 12 and 20 metres and home to a spectacular array of life, this is a wreck to be dived, whatever your interest.

Although not much is left, having sunk in 1912, the Glanmire is still a favourite of wreck enthusiasts. Fog features once again, causing the captain to lose bearing and run aground. Rising tides meant the stricken ship was drawn off the Black Carrs rocks and drift further out before finding her final resting place. Rough seas and gales have taken their tole, resulting in a broken and battered wreck, in depths ranging from 28 to 30 metres.  Soft corals, especially dead mens fingers cover much of what’s left, and marine life has moved in, making it tricky to the untrained eye to see what was once a ship.


Dive site highlights

This being a marine reserve, everything is a highlight. From the diversity of the sites available to the diversity and abundance of the marine life that inhabit it. Look closely and you’ll see some sites are nursery’s full of baby lobster and crab while their parents sneak into nooks and crannies found in the tunnels, wrecks and walls that make up this exceptional group of dive sites.

Colour is stunning and makes a dramatic feature of St Abbs. Coupled with the exceptional skipper and his boat, this promises to be a wonderful weekend of UK diving.


Due to the nature of the diving and sea temperatures, you must be PADI Open Water Diver (or greater) before you travel. Having a greater level of certification and some UK Sea diving experience, as well as being comfortable using a drysuit, will mean you’ll get more out of these sites.


Further Education

Courses, such as the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, Boat DiverPhotography, SMB Diver or Underwater Naturalist Diver Specialties can be at least started, if not completed while on board at a discounted price, so get in touch to arrange your course and trip schedule.

Let us know you want to join us! Simply send us a UK Trip Booking Form  and completed UK Trip Medical Questionnaire.

Your place will be confirmed on receipt of the booking form, medical questionnaire and deposit. Please get in touch to inquire about spaces and prices for non-divers.

Get in touch for our bank account details or to make payment over the phone.

Deposit: £100 for divers. Please note, this is required to secure your accommodation & place on the dive boat and is non-refundable.

Balance Payment: Balance payments will be required 6 weeks prior to departure. Payment plans can be arranged; please get in touch to discuss options for setting up a payment plan.

Transport is to be arranged privately – New Horizons can help with car sharing, so please let us know if you can offer anyone a lift.


To go on this trip you must have diving accident insurance. You can book your insurance with Dive Master Insurance through the New Horizons website and save 5%. Simply go to the bottom of our homepage and click on the link to Dive Master Insurance and SAVE 5% – it couldn’t be easier.