Plymouth, 2020

7th to 10th May

Plymouth, 2020

7th to 10th May

Plymouth, 2020

7th to 10th May

Plymouth is famous for its wrecks and reefs off the south coast of the UK. The dive centre is located minutes from the pontoon, where you can board the boat and in a snap of your fingers be at one of the amazing reefs or wrecks that Plymouth has to offer. The history underwater dates back to 1700’s, while the sea off Plymouth boasts beautiful drop off walls, is abundant in marine life and is famous for its incredible visibility. 

The waters around Plymouth and nearby Cornish coast are home to a wide range of wrecks which in turn have become home to a wide range of marine life. Visibility is often 20 metres, making exploration of the stunning wrecks, reefs and drop-offs a thrilling and memorable experience.

Diving will take place each day from one their hard boats; Seeker, which is a 38ft Lochin, or Panther, a 30ft catamaran. The experienced skippers are well known for getting us on the exact location for each dive, enabling divers to get the best dive each time they enter the water.

The boats are laid out to give the maximum unrestricted space for divers and their equipment. Each vessel offers a large open deck and diver lift.


Diving & Accommodation: £395

Deposit: £100 per person. Please note, this is required to secure your place on board & accommodation and is non-refundable.

Balance Payment: Balance payments will be required 8 weeks prior to departure. Payment plans can be arranged; please get in touch to discuss options for setting up a payment plan.


Ability: You will need to be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent) with some UK sea diving experience before you travel.

Medically Fit: Complete this UK Trip Medical Questionnaire and have GP countersign if required.

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This long weekend involves travelling to Plymouth, checking in to our accommodation on Thursday 7th May followed by 3 days of diving from Friday 8th May.

You’ll be able to relax after diving for 2 more nights in twin accommodation on a B&B basis. You’ll get the chance to visit local bars and restaurants to share your stories of the day’s adventure.

If for any reason you fancy a day off from diving, there are wonderful beaches and breathtaking hill walks to be enjoyed.



Diving will take place from ‘Seeker or Panther, comfortable hard boats fitted with dive lifts to help you back on board. You’ll head out each morning for 2 dives per day, returning mid-afternoon, giving you chance to explore the sites on land too.

You’ll be able to enjoy 3 days diving from the 8th to the 10th May. Accommodation is booked for the 3 nights (7th to the 9th May) allowing you to head home again after the final dive.

Due to the nature of the diving, you will need a Dive computer and delayed SMB with reel, as well as your usual personal dive equipment.

Water temperatures at this time of year average 13oC, therefore Drysuits and undersuits are essential. Hoods and gloves are also highly recommended.

Wrecks and caves or caverns will be available to explore and night dives may be on offer (to be arranged locally). To participate on these dives, you will need a good torch.

You will need to take two cylinders and weights with you; these are not available locally. NITROX may be available for those qualified to use it and any additional cost is to be paid locally.

All required equipment can be rented from NHDC for the week. Some back-up items may be available locally but cannot be guaranteed, therefore it is advisable to take what you’ll need!

The package price for Divers includes:

  • 3 days of diving with 2 dives per day, from the hard boat ‘Seeker’ or ‘Panther’
  • Accommodation in twin-share, en-suite rooms on a B&B basis for three nights. Please note, single occupancy is not available on this trip. If you are a solo traveler we will help to find a suitable room share and buddy for the weekend.
  • Provision of a Trip Leader by New Horizons Dive Centre.



Non divers may be able to join us but will not be permitted on board the boat. They can spend their time exploring the beauty of Plymouth and the Devonshire coast.

You’ll have chance to explore a large number of stunning sites, ranging from world famous wrecks, big gullies to narrow, sheer walls and pinnacles to stunning rocky slopes.

The abundance and variety of life is stunning. From one turn to the the next you’ll be blessed with more stunning sites to behold. THere really is something for everyone here.


Walls, Drop-Offs and Reefs 

The coastline off Plymouth and South Devon offers numerous reef systems, including the Eddystone reef. With excellent visibility, often at 20 metres or more, exploration of the channels, gullies and other rock formations is an exciting adventure.

Surfaces are covered in marine life including urchins, Dead Man’s Fingers, sea ferns and amazingly colourful jewel anemones. Crabs, lobsters and all sorts of other creatures inhabit the nooks and crannies, not to mention the stunning amount of fish life that willl be working their way round the reefs or swimming in shoals out in the blue.


Wrecks & Wreckage

One of the trip’s highlights is sure to be a dive or two on the wreck of the James Eagn Layne. After sinking in 1945, this famous world war II wreck offers those intersted in wreck diving and history a wonderful experience, with oppriuntiy to explore the internal fittings. Now home to a range of marine species, there’s plenty to find outside if wreck diving isn’t your thing.

With miriad other wrecks scattered around the South Devon coast, this could be a destination to remember!


Dive site highlights

Plymouth is sure to offer something for everyone. The exceptional visibiilty, exciting wrecks and stunnnig reefs all mean there’s excitement to be had whatever your experience level or interests are.


Due to the nature of the diving and sea temperatures, you must be PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or greater) and have some UK Sea diving experience, as well as be comfortable using a drysuit.


Further Education

Courses, such as boatPhotography, Drift Diver or Underwater Naturalist Diver Specialties can be completed while on board at a discounted price, so get in touch to arrange your course and trip schedule.

Let us know you want to join us! Simply send us a UK Trip Booking Form  and completed UK Trip Medical Questionnaire.

Your place will be confirmed on receipt of the booking form, medical questionnaire and deposit. Please get in touch to inquire about spaces and prices for non-divers.

Get in touch for our bank account details or to make payment over the phone.

Deposit: £100 for divers. Please note, this is required to secure your accommodation & place on the dive boat and is non-refundable.

Balance Payment: Balance payments will be required 8 weeks prior to departure. Payment plans can be arranged; please get in touch to discuss options for setting up a payment plan.

Transport is to be arranged privately – New Horizons can help with car sharing, so please let us know if you can offer anyone a lift.


To go on this trip you must have diving accident insurance. You can book your insurance with Dive Master Insurance through the New Horizons website and save 5%. Simply go to the bottom of our homepage and click on the link to Dive Master Insurance and SAVE 5% – it couldn’t be easier.