Isle of Skye, 2020

27th June to 4th July

Isle of Skye, 2020

27th June to 4th July

Isle of Skye, 2020

27th June to 4th July

The Isle of Skye is one of the most stunning places in the UK, both above and below the waves. Warmed by the Gulf Stream, the seas of the West Coast of Scotland offers diverse and abundant marine life all year round, making this a truly remarkable destination.

These seas are home to a wide range of marine life including huge shoals of fish, dogfish, octopus, lobsters, abundant soft corals and much more!  Dolphins, minke whales and even orca have been visitors to these spots.

Dive sites enjoy approx. 20 metre visibility and offer a range of diving to suit all tastes including swim throughs, wrecks, scenic reefs and pinnacles. Diving will be something to remember!

So good is the diving in the area, why not add to it with a few dives en route? Ask us about diving on your way up or back too! We can help with bookings and making all the necessary arrangements.


Diving & Accommodation: £599

Deposit: £150 per person. Please note, this is required to secure your place on board & accommodation and is non-refundable.

Balance Payment: Balance payments will be required 8 weeks prior to departure. Payment plans can be arranged; please get in touch to discuss options for setting up a payment plan.


Ability: You will need to be a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent) with some UK sea diving experience before you travel.

Medically Fit: Complete this UK Trip Medical Questionnaire and have a GP countersign it if required.

Reserve your place

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Accommodation is provided on a twin share basis in the Dive Centres own coastal lodge. Relax and unwind while watching the dramatic sunsets from the warmth and comfort of the lodge. With local pubs and restaurants only a short walk away, this will be one of the highlights of your year!

You’ll be able to relax after diving for 6 nights in twin accommodation on a self-catering basis. You’ll get the chance to visit local bars and restaurants or cook at home. Accomodation has been booked from the 27th June to the 3rd July giving you chance to relax and unwind before your journey home on the 4th Juiy.

If for any reason you fancy a day off from diving, there are wonderful beaches and breathtaking hill walks to be enjoyed. With several Munros locally too, you’d be spoil for choice!



Diving will take place from ‘Elena’, a comfortable hard boat. You’ll head out each morning for 2 dives per day, returning mid-afternoon, giving you chance to explore the sites on land too.

Should sea conditions dictate, diving in nearby sheltered lochs are also available.

You’ll be able to enjoy 6 days diving from the 28th June to the 3rd July.

Due to the nature of the diving, you will need a Dive computer and delayed SMB with reel, as well as your usual personal dive equipment.

Water temperatures at this time of year average 13oC, therefore Drysuits and undersuits are essential. Hoods and gloves are also highly recommended.

Wrecks and caves, caverns will be available to explore. To get the most out of these sites, you will need a good torch.

You will need to take two cylinders and weights with you; these are not available locally. Please note, NITROX is not currently available.

All required equipment can be rented from NHDC for the week. Some back-up items may be available locally but cannot be guaranteed, therefore it is advisable to take what you’ll need!

The package price for Divers includes:

  • 2 dives per day, from the hard boat ‘Keltic Lady’
  • Accommodation in Oldshoremore lodge on a self catering basis. Please note, everyone will be here, in twin or single rooms. If you are a solo diver and would like one of the 2 single rooms please let us know at the time of booking; We will endeavor to meet your demands but please be aware, this may not be possible when all places have been filled.
  • Provision of a Trip Leader by New Horizons Dive Centre.



Non divers may be able to join us but will not be permitted on board the boat. They can spend their time exploring the beauty of northern Scotland and the wonderful sandy beaches located there.

Some additional accommodation may be booked locally so divers and non-diving relative may stay together. Pleae let us know if you’d like places for non-divers and we’ll do or best for you!


You’ll have chance to explore a large number of stunning sites, ranging from big gullies to narrow, sheer walls and pinnacles to stunning rocky slopes with striking white sand.

The abundance and variety of life is spellbinding. From one turn to the the next you’ll be blessed with more stunning sites to behold.


Gulleys, Walls and Channels Reefs 

These rock formations are lined with a colourful profusion of life. From Multi-coloured jewel anemones, bright sponges, tunicates, hydroids, bryozoans, anemones, Nudibranchs, the list goes on. The conditions cause a fairly constant flow of water, allowing such organisms to flourish.


Wrecks & Wreckage

There are various wrecks in the area, ranging in depth from 6 to 30 meteres allowing everyone, regadless of certification level, the chance to explore. There will be chance to get out to the numerous wrecks during the week.


Dive site highlights

The sites are also abundant in the fish life from sand eels to huge shoals. Dog fish in particular generally follow you through the gulleys and are particularly abundant at some sites.

Crayfish may be spotted, including some Juveniles and females laiden with eggs. Octopus and Cuttlefish are particularly prominent in the spring and late summer making this a great time of year to go.

You may also encounter Common Skate, while Rissos dolphins and Minke whales may also pay you a visit.

Keep an eye out on the blue; these waters are also home to dolphins, whales and orca so who knows what may join you while you dive!


Due to the nature of the diving and sea temperatures, you must be PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or greater) and have some UK Sea diving experience, as well as be comfortable using a drysuit.


Further Education

Courses, such as boatPhotography, Drift Diver or Underwater Naturalist Diver Specialties can be completed while on board at a discounted price, so get in touch to arrange your course and trip schedule.

Let us know you want to join us! Simply send us a UK Trip Booking Form  and completed UK Trip Medical Questionnaire.

Your place will be confirmed on receipt of the booking form, medical questionnaire and deposit. Please get in touch to inquire about spaces and prices for non-divers.

Get in touch for our bank account details or to make payment over the phone.

Deposit: £150 for divers. Please note, this is required to secure your accommodation & place on the dive boat and is non-refundable.

Balance Payment: Balance payments will be required 8 weeks prior to departure. Payment plans can be arranged; please get in touch to discuss options for setting up a payment plan.

Transport is to be arranged privately – New Horizons can help with car sharing, so please let us know if you can offer anyone a lift.


To go on this trip you must have diving accident insurance. You can book your insurance with Dive Master Insurance through the New Horizons website and save 5%. Simply go to the bottom of our homepage and click on the link to Dive Master Insurance and SAVE 5% – it couldn’t be easier.