Further Diving Courses

Expand you diving abilities with more advanced courses.

Advanced Open Water

This course will extend your open water diver training with some more skills and extra modules.
By learning about underwater navigation, enhanced buoyancy skills, dive computers and more, you will be able to get more out of your diving and be able to go further than before.

Specialty Courses

Specialities are extra qualifications that allow you learn a specific kind of diving or skill that will expand your diving capabilities in ways you want and will enjoy.

Master Seal Team

Continue the aquamissions from the Seal Team course and further your diving to new heights! By learning about underwater navigation, photography, sea life and much more, you will have a new appreciation for diving and what you can do.

Master Scuba Diver

The highest level of non-professional diver training, this is a course that will teach you to be the best diver you can possibly be, allowing you to have a whole new level of experience and understanding of being underwater.

Scuba Tune Up

This course is designed for people who haven’t dived in a while and are looking for a refresher.
If you are planning a trip, and you have not been underwater for long enough to not feel up to speed, then this is a good course for you.

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