After a while of working behind the scenes, the pages for courses NHDC provides have been fully updated. They now have a new structure that makes sharing much nicer and predictable (meaning that you know exactly what course, or group of courses, a link will go to), and every page is standardised to the same format, apart from a few special pages. This means that if you go to a course page, you will instantly be able to scan through and get the information you need quickly.

Another large change is that a lot of the schedules have disappeared from many of the pages. The reason for this is that we are planning to build a more interactive and updated calendar system that will display everything NHDC has planned, which will consolidate all courses, trips and other planned events into one, easily accessible place. Have a look out for when it makes its way onto the site!

The course homepage has also been updated, the very old PADI course diagram has been replaced with a new interactive one, which also links to the relevant course pages.

While there have been a lot of changes, the updates are still not done. The shop section of the site will be updated in future to be a proper online store, where you can buy items and view them properly (however this will take a while to build). There will also be some behind-the-scenes changes to the way the site runs, making future updates easier and cleaner, making the whole site better in general.

If you spot any problems with the site, or have an idea for an improvement, please contact and tell us!

Thanks – Luke

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If you have any questions or require further information, please telephone on 0161 223 5102 or call in to the dive centre.