Scuba Divine, Royals, Dive against debris

Dive Against Debris champion, Rob Thompson, was delighted at the opportunity to discuss the growing problem of plastic in the ocean with the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall at the Ocean Plastics Awareness Day on July 22.

In full diving gear, members of the Dive Against Debris Volunteers UK group shared their unique views on what lies beneath the waves highlighting what for most people is out of sight, out of mind.

As shown on the Dive Against Debris Map, plastic items are consistently the top items reported by scuba divers – accounting for almost 70% of all debris items reported since the Dive Against Debris programme launched in 2011.

“It was a great honour to represent the diving communities’ interest in the marine litter crisis at the Ocean Plastics Awareness Day” commented Rob Thompson, leader of the Dive Against Debris Volunteers UK group.

Hosted by Surfers Against Sewage, the Marine Conservation Society and Clean Cornwall, the event brought together groups and NGOs committed to fighting back against the onslaught of marine litter.

Through the Ocean Plastics Awareness Day Statement of Intent, participating NGOs, local government, academia and businesses took on the opportunity to specifically commit to exploring, developing and delivering innovative circular economy pilot projects that will prevent the flow of plastics to local beaches and reuse plastic waste removed by local cleansing activities.

The global annual plastic production has boomed from 1.7 million tons in 1950 to almost 300 million tons today. Far too much of that plastic ends up in the ocean, killing marine life and destroying habitats.

Solutions to the marine litter issue and the Ugly Journey of our Trash are not possible without partnerships, large and small, and a groundswell of support for change.

Fight back against marine debris: Conduct regular Dive Against Debris surveys and take the Dive Against Debris Distinctive Specialty Course to join our growing army of debris activists in the UK and around the world.