They’re finally here!

We have been waiting in anticipation for our first delivery of these new age computers but our wait has not been in vain! They look fantastic!

The New Suunto EON Steel computer is the next generation dive computer and its finally here at New Horizons Dive Centre. We currently have 3 in stock with their PODs (The EON Steels very own transmitter). These new generation computers offer full customisation and amazing colour screen.

Suunto EON Steel £795

Half Price POD should be £250 Now £125

Have a look at ‘Sport Diver’ review of the Steel below to see how style matches performance.

‘…First things first. The EON Steel is a real looker. It is completely different to anything previously released by Suunto. The polished steel surround really complements the 2.4-inch TFT full-colour screen (which uses technology called ‘Brightsee’ and isn’t OLED like some of the competition – it was chosen for its clarity, contrast and brightness, and it is certainly easy to read even in grim conditions), while the three navigation buttons are large and easy to use, even with 5mm neoprene gloves on in cold waters, and are linked to a simple navigation menu. My early test unit didn’t come with a manual, but a couple of minutes having a fiddle and I was confidently mooching through the different settings.

For those concerned that that lovely metal facia will get scratched to bits during use, fear not, the EON Steel comes with a neat rubber cover that slots on securely over the computer and provides full protection to the unit. A plastic stick-on cover similarly protects the large screen from damage, and is easily replaceable once it becomes too worn. Interestingly, the screen is bonded to the glass, with no air pocket, so it can be clearly read from quite an acute angle.

The large, robust rubber strap has plenty of room to go round a drysuit, and once fastened securely holds the computer in place. Make sure it is tight, though, as otherwise the EON Steel will start to become loose and slide around when your exposure suit compresses at depth. The computer also comes with a bungee-cord strap system for those who prefer this means of attaching it to your wrist.

The EON Steel is equipped with a rechargeable battery – you just plug in a cable to the side, and then attach the other end, via USB, to your laptop, or into an adaptor that allows mains charging. The connector into the computer itself requires quite a firm push, so you know that it is in place, which I much prefer to some other rechargeable computers that have extremely delicate connectors that are a real faff. I was getting several days of use out of the EON Steel before it needed charging (Suunto reckon on 20-30 hours from a charge), but as it only takes four hours to be fully charged, I got into the habit of sticking it on every third day. It gives you a helpful warning as the battery starts to get into the lower zone, actually telling you on the screen that it requires charging, so you will never be in the position where you go to jump into the water and it is completely dead (unless you ignore the on-screen warning, but Suunto can’t factor for that!).

The computer comes with Suunto’s tried-and-tested Fused RGBM algorithm and is capable of dealing with air, nitrox, trimix and, from early 2015, fixed-point closed-circuit rebreather, as well as having the usual gauge mode. As with previous Suunto computers aimed at active, committed divers, it is capable of multiple gas mixes – eight in total – but the difference here is that divers can pair a transmitter (now called a ‘Pod’, as the new unit has developed from a one-way analogue transmitter to a two-way digital transmitter) with each of these gases.

…The EON Steel is equipped with a 3D compass which is clear and easy to use, and it will hold data for 200 logged hours.’