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Anglesey – Sunday 28th July

Text and photos by Joanna Scott On Sunday 28th July, a group of NHDC divers met in the car park at Trearddur Bay before 8am! Kitting up was done at a leisurely pace and the gear only had to be carried to the road where the rhib is parked. The beach is only a minute... read more

September’s Dive Social

September’s Dive Social – Be AWARE – 6th September 2019 We will be returning to the Park Tavern for an evening of conservation and light-hearted banter with your favourite buddies. Find out how even small changes can have a big impact with our friend... read more

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Lost & Found in the Philippines May 2019

Written by Rachel Higgins Once again 11 intrepid divers set out on an adventure, this time to sample the underwater delights of Southern Leyte & Tubbataha in the Philippines. Following an overnight stay in Cebu, where our group swelled to 20, and 48 hours of... read more
10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Scuba Diver

10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Scuba Diver

If you have ever wondered why people learn to Scuba Dive, here is our top 10 reasons to become a Scuba Diver. Why you should become a Scuba Diver – Exploration Our oceans are filled with colourful fish, majestic mammals and unique creatures. Only scuba diving allows... read more

June’s Dive Social

June’s Dive Social – Bowling! – 7th June 2019 Due to popular demand, we’ll be taking a break from talking & drinking and going bowling instead! Join the team for an evening of light-hearted fun at Macclesfield’s bowling alley (full... read more

May’s Dive Social

May’s Dive Social – Social Social – 3rd May 2019 There’s nothing divers like to do more than talk diving, so this month we’re giving you the chance to do just that! With the unfortunate cancellation of our previously arranged guest... read more
Summer Splash

Summer Splash

While contemplating World Oceans Day (today, 8th June, enjoy everyone!) over a soft drink at a local pub, The Park Tavern, Macclesfield (through a paper straw I should add, glad we could help you go plastic free all!) it occurred to me that those of us already... read more

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