Suunto SK8 compass


SK8 Compass 

The SK-8, the latest edition of Suunto’s leading dive compass, delivers even better underwater performance with faster stabilization and enhanced readability.

We are able to help set up your octopus free of charge if purchased with our regulators or alternate air sources. Please contact us for further information.

  • Phosphorescent compass card.
  • High tilt compensation.
  • Suitable for sub-zero temperatures.
  • Firm-grip bezel with a ratchet at every fifth degree.
  • Large side-reading window.
  • Balanced for Northern Hemisphere (NH). Southern Hemisphere compatible model (SK7) available on request.
  • Fast stabilisation.
  • Can be strap mounted, bungee mounted or console mounted (back, as in the Double in line system, or front as in the Three in line system).
  • Wrist mounted: £65
  • Gauge Mounted: £62.50