O’Three Drysuits


Who are O’Three?

O’Three is nationally renowned manufacturer of drysuits, wetsuits and other excellent diving accessories.

They put neoprene innovation right at the top of our list of priorities and pride themselves on attention to detail, product knowledge and passion!

O’Three Drysuits and Custom Drysuits

At O’Three, they are passionate about the fact that buying a drysuit should not be done by a simple click of a mouse; it is a purchase that needs to adhere to certain criteria before it gets to you.

The two main types of O’Three drysuit they offer are the MSF and Ri series.

These include:

  • MSF Flex:  This 5mm neoprene suit has been laminated with O’Three’s  ‘multi stretch fibre’, MSF is one of the toughest most flexible materials available.  This combination has enabled O’Three to produce a durable suit without compromising comfort.  The 2.5mm Flex panelling which runs from the waist up into the bicep and forearm gives increased movement flexibility.  A custom drysuit, that is “off the peg-made to fit”.
  • The Ri 2100 has been specifically designed with the technical pers interest being paramount throughout its evolution.  It is a drysuit of world class quality and excellence.  The Ri 2100 material has enabled O’Three to make world class technical diving drysuits.

New Horizons Dive Centre are proud to be the Sole  O’Three drysuit dealer of the North West so we thought we would tell you a bit about why our New Horizons customers and staff love the O’Three drysuits so much.


Eileen Furr

O'Three suit - 2


I am the original O’Three Drysuit Girl – here I am in the Galapagos in 2007 giving my new suit its first outing. And it looks just as good (shame I don’t) in 2015. I think I’m right in saying I was the first in NHDC to get one of these, but then I am SUCH a fashion trendsetter!

The joy of this suit is you can wear it in the Scilly Isles in September with just a swimsuit underneath or in Scapa Flow with Arctics if you really feel the cold. It’s ideal for January diving in Egypt as you can laugh at all those shivering wetsuit wearers scampering off for a hot shower between dives while you step out of it and head for an hour in the sun. The neck and wrist seals are very comfortable and I’ve never had any water ingress apart from through perishing of the material around the zip.

I had a new zip and pocket fitted last year and the service was excellent.



Colin Matthews

Colin Matthews


I have had my O’Three drysuit  msf500 for about 18 months. It is very easy to get a good fit, is warm enough down to near freezing temperatures with an under suit and comfortable in water up to 20c with just light clothing underneath. As it doesn’t trap the large volume of air that a  trilaminate does air migration and consequent risk of instability isn’t an issue.



Julie Morrissey

Jules Othree


I bought my O’Three Drysuit in 2013 when my trusty membrane suit finally gave up the ghost after 10 years. I’d resisted buying one sooner as everyone else in NHDC seemed to have one and, to be honest, I didn’t want to look like I was “following the crowd” (baaa – baaa!). First impressions – I wasn’t getting cold during the dive. Second impressions – I was toasty warm during the surface interval (in my membrane suit I was getting cold in the water and had to take my suit off and put extra clothes on to warm up on the surface). Never having dived in a neoprene drysuit I was a bit concerned that it would be heavy and bulky and I’d need to wear loads of extra lead. No worries – the O’Three drysuit is about the same size as my old suit and I use the same weights as before. It also came complete with a hood, storage bag (including a funky changing mat) and bottle of jollop. I’ve not had to put it to the test but OThree’s customer service is said to be second to none and it’s got spangly blue bits on the arms- what’s not to like..?



Ray Course

I have the Othree RI-200 drysuit with rear zip, Flex Apeks valves (chest and left shoulder) and with integrated braces. I have had it for about 18 months. The suit’s greatest attributes, other than warmth,  are:

1. Flexibile material so it is easy to put on.

2. Integrated braces.

3. Easy to pull down neck seal and strong wrist seals.

4. Thick knee pads.



Rachael Blackmore

rachael othree


…’Does it come in pink’ was the first question I asked. Having only done a few UK dives in a membrane suit when I started at New Horizons I wondered if UK diving was really for me. Enter my lovely msf 500 with flecs of pink…My O’Three drysuit completely changed UK diving for me. Being warmer in my O’Three drysuit then I even was when diving in summer in the south of Spain! Its easy to get on, you stay nice and warm during the surface interval, it keeps you warm in the water, it can be used all year round with different thermals, it is soooo much more comfortable then a membrane but most importantly for me the O’Three staff are fantastic to deal with as a shop and as an O’Three customer.


Jane Sheldon



As my husband doesn’t dive, I hesitated before buying an O’three msf500tb drysuit – it seems a lot of money. It took some getting used to, with the automatic dump valve but diving is fun  & it sure ain’t if you’re cold. You aren’t cold in an Othree drysuit.

Since I’ve had it I’ve dived more & in more places. We’ve been from Scapa to Scilly together & go to the Atlantic & the Med out of season ( such good value for money). Oh, & It doesn’t seem expensive anymore.

Othree customer service is legendary & they’ll help with any adjusting or neck seal tweeking that you need. You can spend a lot of money on that sort of thing elsewhere. I’ve had it 5 years now, looking better value all the time.


Tony Gilbert



I bought mine in 2012 and have never looked back, gone are the days of the wet membrane dry suit I had for 8 years – and was wet nearly every dive, and with the repairs actually cost me the suit again! And a similar one before that for 8 years!

Seeing as you have just sent my O’Three drysut off for repair, I can’t tell you exactly which one, but it has go-faster blue sparkly bits on it 🙂

So for me, my O’Three drysuit
– Flexible and durable, feeling like a wet suit with total control.
– I am more streamlined and hydro-dynamic underwater, thus reducing air consumption.
– Its easy to wear above water on boat decks and so on, and easy to get on/off.
– Its flexibility allows me more freedom with the camera.
– I would say it is harder wearing than any other suit I’ve had, and I do about 80 mostly sea dives a year in it, both shore and boat.

Additions I had done to the suit on initial purchase:
– Braces added. Very useful.
– Cuff dump – although I now am finding this a little over zealous and toying with the idea of blanking it off


Brian Fairbrother



Mine is one of the earlier models.  Why do I like it? Flexible, Comfortable, versatile as it can fit various types of undersuits, I have less weights and don’t even use ankle weights and the most important things is that it has never leaked! How long have I had it? Seven years according to the date it was made for me. I know it still looks new but I do look after it.