thermocline LS top

Fourth Element

Thermocline Long Sleeve Top 

The new design long sleeved zipped top can be used on its own or over the Thermocline Explorer suit for full body thermal protection. The double layer on the body core gives the overall equivalent performance of a 2mm neoprene suit with greater comfort, more flexibility and no additional buoyancy.

The long sleeved top and explorer together weigh less than 1kg (2.2lbs) making them ideal for the travelling diver. For those people who suffer from a neoprene allergy, the Thermocline long sleeve top/Explorer can be worn under a wetsuit, eliminating skin contact with Neoprene and helping to relieve symptoms.

Sizes Available

Ladies: 14 – 16 or 16 – 18 only (with front zip)

Gents: XX Large only (without zip)


£54.50 (RRP: £109)

50% off!