Ri 2-100


Ri 2-100 

The Ri 2-100 has been specifically designed with the technical diver’s interest being paramount throughout its evolution; Hyper compression creates an extremely dense wall of protection and ensures virtually no buoyancy change at extreme depth.

The neoprene has not been crushed, so a good degree of insulation is maintained (why destroy one of the best insulators ever created?). The resin impregnated outer lining creates a finish that makes the Ri 2100 extremely strong and snag resistant.


More Information & Specifications

Unlike other conventional outer linings to neoprene suits the Ri coating is also impervious to water. This will enable the suit to dry in minutes and will reduce wind chill considerably.

With the introduction of a flex panel in O’Three’s new Constant Compression Neoprene (CCN) and our customary careful tailoring in key areas ensure that those difficult tasks are done with ease.

The complicated manufacture of the material and the construction process makes the Ri 2100 flex technically demanding to produce. Those extra hours of production result in a dry suit of superior quality and exceptional performance.

Intelligent use of modern under suits, such as O’Three’s PBB layering system make it possible for this suit to be dived across a wide range of temperatures.

Sizes Available

Sizes are designed to fit male height, waist & chest.  Adjustments to standard sizes are available.

Standard Sizes: Small, Medium, Medium large, Medium large tall, Large, Large tall, Extra large short, Extra large, Extra large tall & Extra extra large.

Boot sizes available: 4-14

Please contact us for sizes currently in stock and to arrange a free fitting.

Colours Available

All black or black neoprene with grey graphics.