ri 1-100


Ri 1-100 

O’Three has built its reputation on producing some of the best neoprene dry suits available today. However, they are not oblivious to those people that still prefer membrane.

O’Three are staunch believers in neoprene and the additional benefits it offers over other types of material, so the goal was for them to produce a neoprene suit that would still offer thermal properties, with minimal buoyancy issues and if possible increased durability.

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With longer dive times, thermal insulation is paramount. We believe that sharing those thermal demands between your dry suit and under suit makes perfect sense and will increase your versatility for diving different scenarios. After two and half years of research development and testing, O’Three’s new Constant Compression Neoprene (CCN) provides an outstanding combination that addresses all of the points above and will appeal to neoprene and membrane dry suit users alike.


The Outer Lining: 

The Ri outer lining is now in its twelfth year. The resin impregnation is better now than ever and creates a finish that makes the Ri 1-100ccn extremely strong and snag resistant. The improvements are adding to this suit’s drying capabilities, which in-turn will further reduce wind chill.


The Neoprene: 

Although only just over 1mm thick, due to quantum leaps in processes and technology, O’Three has developed a genuinely compressed neoprene that has maintained great thermal insulation, buoyancy has been substantially reduced, buoyancy change is virtually zero and flexibility and durability has been increased way beyond what we thought was achievable.


The Inner Lining: 

Another new development is the lamination of Contained Core Laminate (CCL). Secretly tucked away inside the suit, the structure and support this internal material gives is the reason behind the Constant Compression Neoprene (CCN) increased strength, despite its thickness.

Sizes Available

Sizes are designed to fit male height, waist & chest.  Adjustments to standard sizes are available.

Standard sizes: Small, Medium, Medium large, Medium large tall, Large, Large tall, Extra large, Extra large tall & Extra extra large.

Boot sizes available: 4-14.

Please contact us for sizes currently in stock and to arrange a free fitting.

Colours Available

All black or black with gray graphics.