Reef Tourer Fins



Reef Tourer Full Foot Snorkelling Fins

The Tusa Reef Tourer Full Foot snorkelling fin is built with TUSA quality. Designed specifically for children, the foot pocket is made with a soft, durable compound designed for comfort and the blade is flexible for good propulsion.


  • Soft and durable foot pocket for a comfortable fit.
  • Powerful and sturdy blade.
  • Light and comfortable fin, perfect for travelling.
  • Full foot design means no boots are required.

Sizes Available

XXXS (UK childs size 10-12) up to XS (UK childs size 2-3).

Please contact us for sizes currently in stock.


Now only £5.00

Colours Available

Blue (as shown), yellow or black.

Please contact us for colours currently in stock.