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Reef Tourer Beach Shoes

The TUSA Beach Shoe is a lightweight, quick-drying slip on water shoe that is ideal for keeping your feet protected while snorkelling, swimming or diving.

These shoes will help protect your feet from underwater hazards such as coral, sea urchins or rocks, while the high traction sole gives good grip on all surfaces.

  • Quick-drying jersey and mesh upper.
  • Quick-adjust pull lace closure system.
  • Great for beach, pool, boats or any watersports activity.
Sizes Available
  • Junior shoe sizes: 10-3
  • Adult shoe sizes: 4-13

Please contact us for sizes currently in stock.

  • Junior shoe sizes: £10.50
  • Adult shoe sizes: £12.95
Better Together! Discounts available for NHDC course students & NHDC Dive Society members.