Port 10 

An entry level suit packed with quality and features.

It might not be our most beautiful suit, but O’Three have not scrimped on the materials and build quality.

Material and seam integrity is where O’Three starts with all its dry suits and using the same high end components and our super supple neoprene seals, the Port 10 is equipped to with stand the rigors of commercial diving, whilst appealing to the newly qualified diver.

Sizes Available

Sizes are designed to fit men’s height, waist & chest but this suit also makes an excellent entry level female drysuit.  Adjustments to standard sizes are available.

Standard Sizes: Medium, Medium large, Large, Extra large & Extra extra large.

Boot sizes available: 4-14.

Please contact us for sizes currently in stock and to arrange a free fitting.

Colours Available

Black neoprene & black graphics only.