MSF 500tb (O’Three Drysuit)

Over the years, demand for the MSF500 custom has far outstripped production. O’Three is now in a position to offer an ‘off the peg – made to fit’ version, the MSF 500tb flex. This drysuit is available in a full range of male sizes.

Versatility is a key factor to this suit’s popularity. From late spring to mid autumn the MSF 500tb flex can be worn over a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. As the temperature falls or on deeper dives, which might include chilling decompression stops, quality base layers or thermals can be added for extra warmth and comfort, making it possible for O’Three to produce a drysuit that will fit you well throughout the entire year.

More Information

Moving on from the success of the Lycra 5 and the MSF 500tb the flex version has all of its predecessor’s qualities and more. The 5mm neoprene has been laminated with our ‘multi stretch fibre’; MSF is one of the toughest most flexible materials available. This combination has enabled O’Three to produce a durable drysuit without compromising comfort.

The 2.5mm Flex panelling which runs from the waist up into the bicep and forearm gives increased movement flexibility.

The MSF 500tb flex drysuit, offers the wearer a substantial amount of built-in insulation. Consequently the need to wear a traditional type undersuit is not necessary.

Sizes Available

Sizes are designed to fit height, waist & chest. Adjustments to standard sizes are available.

Standard sizes: Small, Medium, Medium tall, Medium large short, Medium Large, Medium large tall, Large short, Large, Large tall, Extra large short, Extra large, Extra large tall, Extra Extra large.

Boot sizes available: 4-14.

Please contact us for sizes currently in stock and to arrange a free fitting.

Colours Available
  • Black neoprene & black graphics
  • Black neoprene & blue graphics.

‘Off the Peg’: £950

Please enquire for prices for adjustments & alterations