Snorkel set


Mini-Kleio Dry Mask & Snorkel Set

The Mini-Kleio dry mask & snorkel set includes a low volume 1-window mask with enhanced vision and a dry snorkel featuring TUSA Hyperdry Elite dry top technology (patent pending) that stops water from entering into the snorkel and junior fit mouthpiece.

Mask Features
  • Single window design for maximum field of vision.
  • Fits youth ages (approx) 6-12 years old.
  • Crystal Silicone Skirt – Hypo-allergenic 100% pure surgical grade silicone.
  • ClearVu Tempered glass lens – Provide clarity and safety.
  • EZ Strap and buckle system – Allows for easy adjustment.
  • High quality polycarbonate frame.
Snorkel Features
  • Crystal Silicone Swivel and Mouthpiece – Hypo-allergenic 100% pure surgical grade silicone.
  • Hyperdry Semi Snorkel top – Keeps the main snorkel pipe dry by ejecting water through an independent escape pipe.
  • High flow snorkel purge valve – Large purge valve for simple quick clearing reducing the amount of water in the mouthpiece.
Colours Available



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