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Fourth Element

Fourth Element Pelagic Boot

The Pelagic boot is our top of the range SCUBA Diving boot. It is a lightweight, comfortable, warm boot made with 6.5mm neoprene and boasts a host of features designed for diver safety and comfort.

The heavy duty zip and the zip-stopper on the Pelagic boot keeps the top of the boot tight around your ankle, reducing the risk of the zip sliding down during a dive, letting water in and making your feet cold.


More Information & Features

The cut-away at the back of the heel minimises stress on the Achilles tendon during finning, ensuring greater comfort during longer dives while the fin-strap retainer acts to keep the fin strap up on the back of your heel.

The Pelagic Boots are designed to include an ergonomic footbed/insole. This provides heel support and impact protection, arch support and cushioning underfoot. The stiff chassis enhances stability and increases comfort when climbing a ladder or shore diving carrying full kit. The midsole provides additional cushioning underfoot from impact and uneven surfaces.

The Pelagic’s outsole gives great grip and comfort, whilst minimising weight. This makes it ideal for travelling and boat diving, but the addition of the ergonomic insole makes the Pelagic a versatile dive boot, more than capable of shore diving as well.

Sizes Available

4-13 (Adult sizes only).

Please contact us for sizes currently in stock.

Better Together! Discounts available for NHDC course students & NHDC Dive Society members.