FOCEA COMFORT 5 Woman - Overall collar

Focea Comfort 5   

The world’s best dive suit just got better.  The Focea Comfort 5 offers unsurpassed comfort, warmth and resistance.

  • The suit boasts pre-formed articulations for greater freedom of movement inside the elbows and behind the knees. While seamless stretch panels at articulations reduce abrasion.
  • Elaskin 8.8 stretch panel in the lumbar region offers improved flexibility around the rear zip fastener for improved comfort, especially when bending down to prepare and/or fit equipment, especially out of the water.
  • The Free Flex Zone located around the shoulders and the back ensures flexibility at the junction of the torso and the arms to offer greater freedom of movement.
  • Featuring Fireskin; a warm, water repellent fabric with a specially structured weave that offers a high degree of thermal protection.
  • Smooth inside collar gives a better seal with micro-adjustable closure by a non-aggressive elastic Velcro fastener that does not stick to the jersey or stitching.
  • Zippered double wrist and ankle seals incorporating a reversible inner seal with a jersey lining and smooth neoprene exterior.
  • Large zipped neck opening fitted with an Elaskin gusset incorporating an anatomical cut for better comfort.
  • Large G-Lock plus back zip with metal slider and embossed Water Dam System cover for a better seal (Beuchat patent)
  • Zipped wrists and ankles
  • Neoprene reinforcements at the ends of all the zips to avoid any risk of tearing should the sliders be subject to undue force
  • Neoprene panels bonded edge-to-edge with outer and inner overlock
  • Outer seal edges bordered for greater strength
  • Inner seal edges notched for improved flexibility
Sizes Available

Ladies: Large only

No gents sizes currently available.


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