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The Ceos is a low profile, low-volume two window mask that features the newly developed and revolutionary Freedom Technology delivering superior fit, comfort and performance. The Ceos is one of the first next generation TUSA masks offering this innovative new technology combined with superior design, build quality, materials and frame construction.


In addition to Freedom Technology, the Ceos mask features TUSA’s patented Quick-Adjust Buckle System, 3-D Anatomical Strap, Round-Edge skirt technologies and is available in a PRO version with CrystalView optical glass lenses treated with a proprietary anti-reflective (A/R) and ultraviolet (U/V) coating.

  • Low profile, low-volume 2-window teardrop design.
  • Equipped with Freedom Technology.
  • Skirt mounted quick-adjust buckle system.
  • Round-edge skirt for maximum fit and comfort.
  • 3-D strap for ideal anatomical fit.
  • Accepts MC-7500 corrective lenses and ML-7500S AR/UV lenses.
  • PRO version with CrystalView AR/UN lenses.
Colours Available (clear mask skirt)

Colours Available (black mask skirt)

* Dark blue mask frame and silicone skirt, rather than black.



Better Together! Discounts available for NHDC course students & NHDC Dive Society members.