ALIZE Woman - Overall


Alize 3mm Full Length Wetsuit (Ladies)

The full length one-piece wetsuit is designed for diving and snorkelling in warm or tropical waters.



  • Neoprene suits are made of ultra-soft 3 mm Elaskin, with 2 mm around the joints, for maximum ease of movement.
  • Closure on the back ends below the neck for greater comfort and has an oversized internal zip protector.
  • Neoprene neck opening has an anatomical cut in ultra-soft Elaskin, making it smooth inside for better impermeability.
  • Extendable neck flap with a gentle grip, has been designed so that it will not catch on clothing or seams.
  • Edges on the arms and legs have smooth rolled edges to aid dressing and undressing and limit the entry of water.

Sizes Available

XL only.

Limited sizes available. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Colours Available

Black with turquoise trim/graphics.


Now only £94 RRP: £118.00