The Dive Centre Team

NHDC prides itself on its highly professional, motivated and above all friendly full-time and part-time members of the team. Each member of the team is bursting with enthusiasm to show you what awaits you on your next underwater adventure.

With many years of diving experience in numerous destinations around the world, you will find our knowledge and advice are second to none. This, combined with a relaxed style of teaching, a wide collection of salty sea tales and a few jokes thrown in, ensures your course is as informative, beneficial and enjoyable as possible.

Clare Hammond – PADI Instructor & NHDC Director

I learned to dive with New Horizons, from completing my PADI Open Water Course to becoming an Instructor.

One of my favourite dives was during the Red Sea Liveaboard trip, run by NHDC when Dolphins swam passed and interacted with the group. Dolphins are one of my favourite underwater animals, they are extremely playful and intelligent.

Team - Clare

Sammi Mills – PADI Master Instructor & EFR Instructor Trainer

Sammi joined our team in May 2017 as Dive Centre Manager and Lead Instructor. She is one of the voices you will find at the end of the phone or replying to your emails.

I started diving in 2006, I completed an SNSI Open Water Course whilst in Cuba. Once I was qualified I was addicted to being underwater. It was then time to complete Advanced, Rescue and Divemaster whilst working at a Dive Centre in Cyprus. Once I completed my Divemaster course I knew I wanted to be an Instructor, I packed my bags and headed for Vietnam, where I completed my Open Water Scuba Instructor Course. After qualifying, I headed back to Cyprus for a year and then to South East Asia for 6 years. Once I had qualified I worked in Cyprus, Malaysia and Cambodia and went on holiday to pleasure dive Indonesia and the Philippines. After returning to Europe I spent 3 months dive guiding in Menorca and two years in Southampton before heading back ‘oop norf’.


Team - Sammi

Andy Frith – PADI Master Instructor, Deptherapy Education Instructor, EFR Instructor Trainer & BSAC Instructor

I started diving in 2004, I completed my Open Water in Jamaica. Since that first course I was hooked and qualified as an instructor with New Horizons Dive Centre in 2007, I have been part of the team ever since. I have dived all over the UK, Europe, Red Sea and the Caribbean. When not getting wet I am involved in training the Emergency First Response and Care for children courses.

Team - Andy

Phil Wood – PADI Instructor & EFR Instructor

I started diving in 2001 and did a lot of my training with New Horizons.  Once I qualified as an Instructor I started working as part of the team on a part-time basis since 2004. I’ve dived in the UK, Turkey, Malta, Tunisia, Mexico, Maldives, New Zealand, The Azores and numerous trips to Egypt. My favourite thing about diving is something new for the first time.

Team - Phil

Louise Cheetham – PADI Instructor & EFR Instructor

After surviving a capsized boat I was told it was time I learnt to swim. With the added bonus of my very own cylinder of air, scuba had the winning edge!  Addicted to the peaceful and beautiful underwater world, i wanted to share the experience. I started my professional scuba career with New Horizons and completed my instructor training working in the Caribbean.  I love solo travel making new friends with adventure and scuba in common.  From the glacial waters of Iceland (brrr) to the warm waters across Asia and the Caribbean, a whole new world of travel opened making many many amazing memories!

Team - Sammi

John Adames – PADI Instructor & EFR Instructor

I’ve always wanted to dive and experience the underwater world and when in Egypt during 2013 I had the opportunity to do my Open water Certification. One word…AMAZING!! .

I love the underwater world and seeing all the wrecks and wildlife that live there. Following my Open water, I got in touch with New Horizons Dive Centre and completed my advanced open water, Rescue diver and many other specialty courses with them. From this point I just wanted more; more skills, more Scuba, and more fun.

Now that I am an instructor and part of the NHDC team, I want others to experience the underwater world and share their first Bubbles, making it an enjoyable experience for them. Diving is so much fun and there is no other place I would rather be.

Team - John

John Rimmer – PADI Instructor

My first underwater excursion in Cyprus in 2006 was a wonderful life-changing event for me. Subsequently, my wife Linda and I made numerous visits to Egypt to go through our courses and enjoy together what has become one of our greatest passions. We have dived with dolphins in the Red Sea, made friends with a giant grouper in Lanzarote, explored the underwater caves in Malta, Gozo, and Camino, photographed blue ring octopus and other critters in the Lembeh Straits in Indonesia, and played with seals in the Farne Islands.

We have explored many wrecks and reefs along the way and had some fantastic experiences that would not have been possible any other way. I have been a PADI instructor since 2012 and joined the New Horizons team in 2013. It always gives me pleasure to help others take up the sport and get as much pleasure out of it as I do.

Team - John R

Julie Morrissey – PADI Staff Instructor & IANTD Advanced Nitrox Instructor

Queen of all things technical… my main diving interest is nautical archaeology. I also teach windsurfing, kayaking, power boating, dinghy sailing and mountain walking. In my spare time I am an air traffic controller.

Team - Julie

Helen Russell – PADI Instructor & EFR Instructor

I first started diving with Mark in 2016, and only ever intended to do my Open Water qualification so we could dive on holiday. However, following the Open Water course with New Horizons I was hooked! Since then, I have completed all of my subsequent training through New Horizons and happily I am now an instructor with them. They are a great team and I really enjoy it. Since starting, I have dived in the UK, the Maldives, Mauritius, Zanzibar, the Bahamas and Australia and have many more scuba destinations on my bucket list! My favourite part of diving is the amazing creatures you get to see underwater.

Team - Helen

Mark Russell – PADI Instructor & EFR Instructor

I started diving in 2016 learning with my wife with the intention of diving for fun when on holiday. I caught the bug and went right through the levels becoming an instructor in 2018. All the instructors at New Horizons helped me through my training and I am proud to now work with them to help other people learn these exciting skills. I have dived in the UK, the Maldives, Mauritius, Zanzibar, the Bahamas and Australia. I love diving anywhere but diving on wrecks and learning about the history of the boat is something I am very keen on. It brings history to life! Diving on a wreck that was used in a James Bond film was cool! Added to the primary care skills, I enjoy using skills gained outside the diving world in my normal work life.

Team - Mark

Colin Matthews – PADI IDC Staff Instructor & EFR Instructor

I restarted diving about 5 years ago after a long break. My daughter had met a chap who was a diver and she wanted to do the Open Water course so that she could go on holiday with him. After being volunteered (by her) to do the course with her I have been diving with New Horizons ever since!

Team - Colin

Nick Clifford – Divemaster

I first learnt to dive with New Horizons in 2014 on a bit of a whim one afternoon, and have been hooked ever since. Since I started I have dived in many locations around the world, starting with coral reefs and wrecks in the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Great Barrier reef to name a few. I am also trained in ice diving and have dived at altitude in frozen lakes in the Alps and under sea ice in the Russian Arctic.

In 2017 I qualified as a full cave diver in sidemount configuration and have mainly been doing those sorts of dives ever since. I have been cave diving in the UK, Hungary but mostly in Mexico’s Yucatan. Being at a level where I am doing relatively deep, long-range cave dives using multiple gasses and stage cylinders, and still wanting to go to more remote locations and do further training is what I enjoy.

I am happy to help any divers who may be unsure of anything or feel free to dive with me if you see me on one of the NHDC training days.

Team - Nick

Jon Beever – Divemaster

I completed my first dive ever after a lot of coaxing from I not only found a passion, but it probably saved me.  A week after my open water I was doing my dry suit course, I couldn’t get enough moving through my recreational path until I was told that I should go for my dive master and here I am. When diving for me I love penetrating military wrecks, but, I think that seeing a new divers eyes when they take that first breath in the underwater world makes me the happiest to be a PADI Pro. I have learnt a lot from my time at NHDC and I have no doubt people like Sammi and Andy will continue to push my standards and knowledge. Anyway that’s me, see you in NHDC soon so we can go diving together!
Team - Nick

Adriano Henney – Divemaster, DSD Leader & EFR Instructor

I started my diving adventure quite late in life, whilst on holiday in Egypt in 2008. I was immediately captivated by the beauty of the underwater world in the Red Sea, but it wasn’t until I tried my hand at underwater photography under the expert eye and masterful instruction of Martin Edge that I truly became spellbound. Now as a Divemaster, I remain on a journey not just of underwater exploration, but also of learning the art and skills of the underwater photographer.

Team - Adriano

Sam Coulby – Divemaster 

My first-time scuba diving was at age 9, in Egypt. Once I returned to the UK I completed the PADI Seal team and Master Seal team programs, before coming to New Horizons to complete my Open Water Course at 15.  I enjoy diving on wrecks, deep diving, night diving and any excuse to get into the water. In Summer 2018 I became a Divemaster whilst on holiday in Spain, returning to the UK as a PADI Professional and joining the NHDC instructional team.

Team - Sam

Charlie – Head of Security


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