Information about going on liveaboard


Liveaboards are dive trips where you spend almost the whole trip living aboard a boat (hence, live-aboard). Because you eat, sleep and dive from the same boat, it allows you to pack in as many dives in each day as possible, usually 3-4 (depending on whether you’re able to complete night dives). They also allow you to go to places that might be too far from shore to travel to in a day, since you can spend the time traveling, and then stay for a day or 2.

Liveaboards are also one of the best ways to get as many dives in on a trip as possible, since set up and strip down are very quick, especially since you leave your kit set up for the whole trip, meaning you get very good value for money per dive.

General Trip Itinerary

A liveaboard will usually consist of a few stages. These are:

  • Traveling to the boat
  • Setting up and moving in
  • Diving
  • De-rigging and moving out
  • One detox day
  • Traveling home

The traveling to and from is standard compared to other overseas dives, however the rest is mostly unique. The set-up is only done once, and then your kit will stay where you set it up for the rest of the trip. Once the trip it over you de-kit and pack everything up. The detox day is also standard for overseas trips, but it more important for liveaboards due to the amount of diving done, giving you the chnace for a spot of site-seeing and souvenir shopping.

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