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Information about going on trips overseas through NHDC

Overseas Diving

Going overseas for diving trips is a great way to see the world and explore waters very different from the ones around the UK. The vibrant reefs and marine life in many overseas locations can be fantastic, and the towns and cities you will visit are interesting and different from anything in the UK.

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Dive Types

There may be something that might put people off if they have only been diving in the UK before, and that’s the way you dive overseas. And don’t worry, there are numerous ways to dive. There is the normal shore-diving, where you spend your time and kit-up on shore, then dive the shore line for a while, then come out of the water. There is also the boat diving, where you place your gear onto a boat, and then in the morning you head out and spend the day diving, and afterwards you head back to de-kit and spend the evening doing what you want. One of the most different styles of diving, that is not usually done in the UK, are liveaboards, where you spend the whole time on a boat and do 3-4 dives everyday. On these kinds of dive trips, you live on the boat for most of the trip, diving a number of times a day, without heading ashore anytime during the trip. For more information on liveaboard, head here.


Sometimes completing specific courses while overseas is the ideal option, especially when finding a dive site that helps you complete them in the UK is challenging. As an example, the Night Diver Specialty will open up and amazing new world, while completing the Wreck Diver or Deep Diver Specialties in Egypt makes for an amazing experience.

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